Again, communicate well to your kids!

It is impossible to raise the today’s kids with the same way as your parents raised you twenty or thirty years ago. There are many different things which have no relationship at all compared to the time when you were kid. Look at your home and see that every single thing is more modern. Your surrounding is much more different and today kids are educated with more sophisticated technology. This makes you cannot apply what you have experienced in the past. However, there are some points that you have to keep delivering to your kids, such as the importance of respect others, the ability to do the daily activities, etc.

Your parenting skills should be upgraded gradually to fit with the needs of your kids. Commonly, today’s parents choose to be the friends of their kids. In certain cases, it may be true. But you have to know that your kids need parents since they have enough friends already. They need parents to guide them doing something new and experience exciting events. You will never be able to share everything with your kids like you share many things with your couple or friends. The communication should be opened widely so that your kids feel comfortable with you. Sometimes, you may think that your kids are naughty since they do not follow your directions or home rules. It is better for you not to judge earlier because your kids perhaps test you like what you have done to your parents. Never be aggressive and you have to think and act like the adults.

Communication is not only about the way you tell something to your kids but also the way you listen and care about what they say. When you are listening to them, close your mouth tightly and wait until they finish their sentences. You are not allowed to cut their sentence. You had better give a big hug and make sure you will always beside them. Another common thing that today’s parents do to their kids is telling their experience in the past. These parents keep telling what they have done and achieved when they were in the kids’ age. This is completely wrong since everything has changed drastically. So, you need to try to communicate well and think based on today’s situation.