Let your child become independent

Caring and loving are the senses that all parents have for their children. They will not be able to concentrate in doing anything when something bad happen on their children. These parents want to give the best for them. Well, it is normal and you will also think that way. At home, you will make sure that your child never makes mistake and success in everything she learns. You always guide and give instruction for her as the way you teach her. Guidance is surely needed because your child is amateur in everything. However, you do not have to accompany her all the time especially when she is more than eight years old. She has already good coordination and is able to communicate well.

Sometimes, she will make mistakes and commonly you do not like it. In this case, you have to realize that making mistakes is the part of learning. In your life, there must be lots of mistakes you have made, right? So, the more important thing to do is guiding her not to do the same mistakes in the future. You may let her do the laundry in the weekend and see the result. You do not have to worry if she needs your help, during the process of selecting the clothes to be put in the washer. The opportunity you give will make her feel more confidence. You trust her and surely she is very proud of that. This is the process of teaching her to be independent.

On the other hand, some parents do not want to guide their children in doing household chores because they think it is parents’ job, not the children. The children’s job is learning and having good performance at school. Well, that is not relatively true since children also need to learn about responsibility. Help your children become independent in her basic daily activities, like eating, taking a bath, and studying. Also, your child deserves to pick out their own clothes, select her own hairstyle and color, and choose where to go in the weekend. By doing this, you are at the same time teaching her to be more independent and learn about the benefits and consequences of her choice.