Preparing your child to go to school

One milestone that your child is going to have is going to school. This will be new and exciting experience for her. She will have new routines in the morning, such as wake up earlier, take a bath, have breakfast, and catch the school bus. Those activities should be done at the right time otherwise she will arrive at school late. Although they look simple and easy, not all parents succeed in preparing their children to go to school, especially at the beginning. Some children are difficult to wake up in the morning. Some others need long time to go to the bathroom and have breakfast. While some other children have no difficulties in wake up earlier but spend longer time with the breakfast.

This can be problem because your child is not allowed to come late at school. Once will be fine, but you should make sure that it does not happen anymore. Your child may think that coming late is fine and allowed to do since it happens many times. Of course, you should avoid that. The solution is you need to make your child become accustomed with the routines. One or two months before the first day to school, you need to wake your child earlier. Indeed, this is not easy and need strong intention because your child may get angry and annoyed. After that, you may take her to do interesting activities, such as taking a walk, watching movie, and playing in the morning. The purpose is she will be able to get up earlier easily in the morning.

Teach your child to eat properly. She has to know the way to cut the food, put it into the mouth, chew carefully, and swallow well. She needs to know the way to use spoon, fork, knife, chopstick, or other utensil very well. This is very important because if she is not really capable, she will need longer time to finish he breakfast in time. Also, let her practice the way to hold sandwich and bread with her hand. She perhaps does not think that all of these activities are a kind of practice. She will understand this as the routines to do. As a result, there will be no difficulties when she has to prepare for going to school.