STOP babying your children

Since you realized that you were expecting a baby, your life had changed significantly. There is no doubt, you are very happy and start to plan giving the best you can do for your baby. Love is your number one reason. You cared your baby and gave the best treatment and food for her growth. When she was toddler, you supported her needs maximally. The first day she went to school seemed to be the unforgettable moment. But this should be the time you need to act more as her parent. Your baby has grown into beautiful little girl and you cannot treat her as the way you treat a toddler. This matter looks simple and many parents around the globe tend to neglect it.

Yes, a six years old kid should be able to eat properly and you are not allowed anymore to feed her. She must be able to take a bath herself and you should not help her in tidying her toys anymore. It is so bad if you have no idea to teach your child to cut her own food. However, your child may need your help in choosing the appropriate clothes to wear and combing her hair. Or it is normal when she cannot tie her hair tidily. The worst thing is when your child still needs to wear diaper to school or drink her milk from the bottle. In this case, you are the source of the problem because you are treating your child as a baby.

By keep doing this, your child will have difficulty in her development. She tends to be spoiled and pampered all the time and cannot do the basic daily activities. It is impossible for you to baby her all the time although your strong reason is love. The only person who needs to change the attitude and behavior first is you. If you do not change your mind and the way you think, your child will be your victim. Start the changes from you and if it is important you have to join parenting class to open your mind. Your child deserves to get the best things from you but not being the baby all the time.