Treat your children equally

Having more than one child can be very fascinating. You have the opportunity to raise them in happiness and see the difference among them. One of your children may be good in art. Another one likes sport and perhaps the other shows good performance in language competence. This surely colors and completes your life. However, the situation sometimes is not as well as you have expected before. One of your children seems to be smart and active, while the other sometimes does not follow your instruction and show bad attitude and behavior. In this case, many parents tend to like the first type. They think that smart and active children they have is the answer of their pray to God. But the second type children seem to be annoying and make you angry many times.

If this happens on you, you have to remember a serious point in parenting that is you have to treat your children equally, no matter they are. You are completely wrong if you treat your “good” child very well and treat your “bad” child unwell. Your more serious mistake is making your good child as your favorite child. You have to know that it affects both of your children. The one who you think is good can be arrogant and the one who you think is bad can be stressful. When she gets stressful, she may act worse and tends to create more problems simply to attract your attention. The negative behavior she shows you can be the effects of your negative parenting style you have applied on her.

Once you decide to have favorite child, it means you do not respect your other child. You are not very interested to your other child. How can you respect one child and expect that both children respect you? This is unfair. You have to give reward and punishment based on your children behavior. Both of your children deserve to get your entire love. Start to change your mind before it is too late to realize the negative effects of your parenting style.